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What is email2fax?

email2fax allows you to send a fax through your Asterisk PBX.

It accepts emails with a PDF or a TIFF attachment, and faxes them through Asterisk to a number specified in a subject field of the email.

How email2fax works?

The idea behind email2fax is simple - email2fax processes emails:

  • it expects to find a fax number in a subject field of the email,
  • it expects to find one PDF or one TIFF attachment,
  • if these conditions are met, it converts an attachment to the right format, and passes it to Asterisk, and instructs it to send it to a specified number.

With Hy-email2fax, it's possible to send faxes through your Hylafax server.

email2fax was inspired by mail2fax from As mail2fax wasn't really user friendly (it didn't support PDF attachments; TIFF attachments had to be in a special format), I decided to write my own implementation.

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