This is a silent installer and uninstaller for ClamWin.

See also ClamSentinel for real time scanning.

ClamWin is an free, open source antivirus scanner for Windows. ClamWin uses the ClamAV antivirus scanning engine. ClamWin supports on-request and scheduled scanning, but ClamWin does not perform any on-access scanning.


The /NOTB option is necessary with newer versions to prevent the installation of the "Ask Toolbar" package along with ClamWin. (Lower case /notb is needed for version 97.7)


Tested on:
  Windows XP 32bit
  Windows 7 64bit
<package id="clamwin" name="ClamWin Free Antivirus" revision="%version%-20140612" priority="10" reboot="false">
        <variable architecture="x86" name="progfiles" value="%PROGRAMFILES%" />
        <variable architecture="x64" name="progfiles" value="%PROGRAMFILES(X86)%" />
        <variable name="version" value="0.98.1" />

        <!-- Instead of %version% we match .*, for any Clam version -->
        <check type="uninstall" condition="exists" path="ClamWin Free Antivirus .*"/>

                DownloadDB would be fine, but it wants to popup a GUI.
                Additionally, any proxy settings, etc won't be available for it yet.
        <install cmd="%SOFTWARE%\ClamWin\clamwin-%version%-setup.exe /sp- /verysilent /suppressmsgboxes /norestart /notb /mergetasks=!DownloadDB "/>
        <install cmd="%progfiles%\ClamWin\bin\WClose.exe"/>
                Perhaps use
        <install cmd='cmd /C copy /y "%SOFTWARE%\ClamWin\ClamWin.conf" "%progfiles%\ClamWin\bin\ClamWin.conf"'/>

        <upgrade cmd="%progfiles%\ClamWin\bin\WClose.exe"/>
        <upgrade include="install"/>

        <remove cmd="%progfiles%\ClamWin\bin\WClose.exe"/>
        <remove cmd="%progfiles%\ClamWin\unins000.exe /VERYSILENT /SUPPRESSMSGBOXES /NORESTART /NOCANCEL"/>

Tip: Avoiding e-mail alerts on phishing

clamscanparams = --no-html