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MS Photo Story 3 is a photo and slideshow creator. More infos from here.

This seems to work fine without any tricks.

NOTE: This package depends on Windows Media Player 10... Check the depends="" matches your WMP10 package name.

<package id="photostory" name="Microsoft PhotoStory 3" revision="1"
          reboot="false" priority="0" depends="mediaplayer10">

 <check type="uninstall" condition="exists" path="Photo Story 3 for Windows" />

 <install cmd='msiexec /i "%SOFTWARE%\PhotoStory\photostory3.msi" /qb-' />
 <remove cmd='msiexec /x "%SOFTWARE%\PhotoStory\photostory3.msi"' />
 <upgrade cmd='msiexec /i "%SOFTWARE%\PhotoStory\photostory3.msi" /qb-' />