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This page needs link to WSH (cscript) installer for Windows 98, NT, ME.

OK, added!

Download help

Where is wpkg.js for 1 -rc2 ? the client doesn't seem to install it and the client source files don't contain it either. Went to the SVN access but thats last Feburary's version.

WPKG Client and wpkg.js are two different downloads.

Windows 2000 with latest patches should have already Windows Script Host 5.6 . This is at least the case with my freshly installed Windows 2000.


cannot extract zip files. Windows Xp shows empty zip, ZipGenius shows corrupt files, Download wth Vista also shows empty archives

Try FilZip. Or any UNIX unzip.

Why is it zipped in such a cruel way? Filzip also does not appear to work correctly in first try. It only unzips a "WPKG Client 1.0 rc1" file without any file endings. By renaming it to .zip and unzipping it again some files appear. But if WPKG is fo Windows it should be decompressable in a normal way ( Winzip also does not like the file). -> improves usability

All right, I'll recompress it with a different zip packer. BTW, what should I use to pack files? I used Total Commander to compress it, and I can unompress just fine either in Total Commander, or in FilZip. Are you sure the file you downloaded isn't corrupted? Try redownloading it.
I have the same problem with the original WinZip. The following message is shown: "End-of-central-directory signature not found. Either this file is not a Zip file, or it constitutes one disk of a multi-part Zip file." Redownloading does not help. Opening it in Windows without an external ZIP program shows an corrupted, empty archive. Filzip is not allowed here by company regulations. that appears with 1.0.4 (don't tried client)

corrupt download

I too am having issues with the download. A majority of Windows users are using winzip you can download an eval copy from to compress the file. I would like to try this software out it seems well done. Please let me know when I can download a copy that will unzip from a windows machine.

Could you tell what is broken? WPKG Client? WPKG 0.9.10? -- T.

Beta/stable version clarification

I downloaded and used version 1.3.6 of the client not realising it was the beta version until later when I saw the URL. Please make the client link descriptions show which is stable and which is beta, rather than just showing the version number! It would also be nice to know a rough changelog between versions.

SVN command outdated

This is the new one:

svn checkout wpkg-code

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