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Add silent installers

If you've never contributed to a wiki before it can take some time to figure out how to add a new page and link it up to the correct category.

To add a silent installer simply follow the next few steps:

  1. Type the name of the application/tool you want to add in the search box.
  2. If no page exist yet with that name you can click on the "Create an article with this title" link.
  3. Type a short introduction of the application.
    • Use the "External Link" button in the toolbar to add a link where one can download the application from.
  4. Type your XML code between the <source lang="xml"> </source> tags.
  5. Use environment variables like %PROGRAMFILES% to specify the paths.
    • For a thorough list of Windows environment variables see Windows environment variables.
    • Similarly, please also use %SOFTWARE% to specify the WPKG package installation directory on the server.
    • Silent installer scripts will then work for everyone's setup, rather than only those whose directory structure matches your own.
  6. Link your silent installer to the "Silent Installers" category by adding the following as your last line:
    • [[Category:Silent Installers]]