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This is a silent installer and uninstaller for Albis Demoversion.

Albis is broken, as it was designed to be run as Administrator - so if you install it, it won't run as a normal user, but only as an Administrator - unless you correct some permissions.

This is why the installer and uninstaller are placed in separate batch files.

First the entry for packages.xml:

        name="ALBIS Demoversion"
        <check type="file" condition="exists" path="C:\aowdemo\albis.exe" />
        <install cmd='%SOFTWARE%\albisdemo\aowdemo-install.bat' />
        <remove  cmd='%SOFTWARE%\albisdemo\aowdemo-remove.bat' />

First install Albis in a normal way on a workstation to C:\aowdemo. Then copy everything to a location on your server. Copy also all Albis shortcuts (Documente und Einstellungen\All Users\Desktop - something like this, full paths).
It is best to put it on the server like this:


and there:

aowdemo - a directory containing files which go to C:\aowdemo
Dokumente und Einstellungen - all shortcuts on the desktop etc.; you will have to change the name of this folder if you have a non-German Windows version.

This batch file - aowdemo-install.bat - installs Albis (if you use a non-German system, change "Benutzer" to a proper name in your system):

call xcopy "%SOFTWARE%\albisdemo\ALBIS\*" c:\ /S /E /Y /Q
cacls c:\aowdemo /T /E /P Benutzer:f >nul

This batch file - aowdemo-uninstall.bat - uninstalls Albis:

rd C:\aowdemo\ /s /q
del "%allusersprofile%\Desktop\Albis.lnk"