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Antiwpa 3.4.6

A cure against the M$ Windows Product Activation.

Antiwpa is available as an ZIP package. Extract and correct install string according to your Windows version.

     <package id="antiwpa" name="Antiwpa v3.4.6" revision="1" priority="0" reboot="true">
     <check type="file" condition="versiongreaterorequal" path="%SYSTEMROOT%\system32\antiwpa.dll" value=""/>
     <install cmd="cmd.exe /C copy /y "%SOFTWARE%\utiliti\citi\Antiwpa-V3.4.6 for X64 and X86\X86\antiwpa.dll" %SYSTEMROOT%\system32\"/>
     <install cmd="regsvr32 /s %SYSTEMROOT%\system32\antiwpa.dll"/>
     <remove cmd="regsvr32 /s /u %SYSTEMROOT%\antiwpa.dll"/>
     <remove cmd="cmd.exe /C del %SYSTEMROOT%\system32\antiwpa.dll"/>