ApE - A Plasmid Editor

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ApE is a science application for plasmid editing by M. Wayne Davis. See here for more info http://www.biology.utah.edu/jorgensen/wayned/ape/.

It is a self contained EXE so there is no install. You need to create the program files folder and copy the software in. I have used the shortcut.exe tool http://ss64.com/nt/shortcut.html to make a desktop icon.

All settings for the app are stored in the users application data folder so they don't need admin rights to run it (yippee!).

      name="ApE - A Plasmid Editor"
      <check type="file" condition="exists" path="%PROGRAMFILES%\ape\ape.exe" />
      <install cmd='cmd /c md "%PROGRAMFILES%\ape"' />
      <install cmd='cmd /c copy %SOFTWARE%\ape\* "%PROGRAMFILES%\ape" ' />
      <install cmd='"%WPKGROOT%\tools\shortcut.exe" /f:"%AllUsersProfile%\Desktop\ApE.lnk" /a:c /t:"%PROGRAMFILES%\ape\ape.exe" /d:"ApE - A Plasmid Editor" /i:"%PROGRAMFILES%\ape\ape.exe" ' />
      <remove cmd='cmd /c del /s /q "%AllUsersProfile%\Desktop\ApE.lnk"' />
      <remove cmd='cmd /c del /s /q "%PROGRAMFILES%\ape" ' />
      <upgrade cmd='' />