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FlowFact is aCRM software. For more infos see http://www.flowfact.de/

FlowFact can be installed silently, but it needs some software installed before:

registry entry

Save it to file, and import with "regedit -s %SOFTWARE%\FlowFact\flowfact.reg":








FlowFact installation

The installer makes almost no actions requiring manual intervention if it finds all components installed. You can call it by simply:


The only action requiring manual intervention is the Explorer window opened after installation - so perhaps it's a good idea to reboot the system after installation.

sample .bat script

%SOFTWARE%\flowfact\dotnetfx.exe /q /c:"install /q"

%SOFTWARE%\flowfact\dotnetfx2.exe /q /c:"install /q"

%SOFTWARE%\flowfact\langpackfx2.exe /q /c:"install /q"

start /wait msiexec /q /i %SOFTWARE%\flowfact\CRRedist2005_x86.msi ALLUSERS=1

start /wait msiexec /q /i %SOFTWARE%\flowfact\CRRedist2005_x86_de.msi ALLUSERS=1

regedit -s %SOFTWARE%\FlowFact\flowfact.reg



The installer adds a "FlowFact" uninstall string.

Software doesn't work as a non-Administrator user unless you start it as Administrator for the first time:

start /i %SOFTWARE%\flowfact\FlowFact.EXE
ping -n 30
taskkill /f /im setupadd.exe
ping -n 120
taskkill /f /im flowfact.exe