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This installer is used for Java programs.

Unattended mode[edit]

It has 3 mode of operations. Unattended operation is activated by the -q flag.

Response files[edit]

Generating response files[edit]

Doing a normal (GUI) install, a response file named response.varfile is generated inside .install4j subdirectory of the program installation directory.

Applying response files[edit]

You can specify the response file to be applied by the installer using the -varfile flag.

The installer checks automatically for a response file in the same directory with the same name but with the .exe extension replaced by a .varfile extension.

Example from the documentation: "(...) if an installer is called hello_setup.exe on Windows, the response file next to it has to be named hello_setup.varfile."

So instead of specifying the response file you can rename it.


Silent/unattended installation:

Response files:

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