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This installer is used for Java programs.

Unattended mode

It has 3 mode of operations. Unattended operation is activated by the -q flag.

Response files

Generating response files

Doing a normal (GUI) install, a response file named response.varfile is generated inside .install4j subdirectory of the program installation directory.

Applying response files

You can specify the response file to be applied by the installer using the -varfile flag.

The installer checks automatically for a response file in the same directory with the same name but with the .exe extension replaced by a .varfile extension.

Example from the documentation: "(...) if an installer is called hello_setup.exe on Windows, the response file next to it has to be named hello_setup.varfile."

So instead of specifying the response file you can rename it.


Silent/unattended installation:

Response files:

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