LT Spice

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This is a silent installer and uninstaller for LT Spice, a Spice III simulator. More infos from here

<package id="swcadiii" name="LT Spice" revision="1" priority="0" reboot="false">
 <check type="file" condition="exists" path="%ProgramFiles%\LTC\swcadiii\scad3.exe" />
 <install cmd='cmd /c mkdir "%ProgramFiles%\LTC" ' >
 <exit code="1" />
 <install cmd='cmd /c mkdir "%ProgramFiles%\LTC\swcadiii" '>
 <exit code="1" />
 <install cmd='cmd /c copy %SOFTWARE%\ltspice\Raw\*.* "%ProgramFiles%"\LTC\swcadiii' />
 <remove cmd='cmd /c del /s /q "%ProgramFiles%"\LTC\swcadiii' />
 <remove cmd='cmd /c del /s /q "%AllUsersProfile%\Start Menu\Programs\SwCADIII" '/>