MicroTOOL in-Step

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This is a silent installer for microTOOL in-Step 3.6 Personal Edition, a project management tool. More infos from here.

The installer is rather ugly - it starts the program right after the installation, so we kill it after some time with "taskkill". Note that "taskkill" command is only available in Windows XP.

Scheduling a reboot might be also a good idea, and will work with Windows 2000.

   name="Micro Tools In-Step PE"
   <check type="uninstall" condition="exists" path="microTOOL in-Step 3.6 Personal Edition" />
   <install timeout="240" cmd='"%SOFTWARE%\instep\instep_pe.exe" /S' >
    <exit code="0" />
    <exit code="-1" />
   <install cmd='ping -n 180>NIL'>
    <exit code="0" />
    <exit code="1" />
   <install cmd='taskkill /f /im instep.exe' />
   <install cmd='cacls c:\programme\microTOOL /T /E /P Benutzer:f >nul'  />
   <remove  cmd='C:\Programme\microTOOL\in-Step\UNWISE.EXE /S C:\Programme\microTOOL\in-Step\Install.log' />