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Minitab 17 is Statistical Analysis software. There are two versions SU (single-user) and MU (multi-user) for corporate deployment make sure you are using the MU version. MU can be installed using a license server address OR a license file generated for you by Minitab.

Extract the Minitab .EXE you download from their website. Then create a CONFIG.XML answer file by running SETUP.EXE /admin

If you are using a license file then you enter 'localhost' in the license server field. Tick all the other boxes such as accepting the EULA. Click 'File' and save it with setup.exe in your source folder.

Next create a file called MultiUserLicense.ini with your favourite editor with the following contents:

[Minitab 17.0]
License File=C:\Program Files (x86)\Minitab\Minitab 17\minitab.lic

This file will be copied into c:\programdata\minitab. Save this along with the minitab.lic file supplied by Minitab in the same folder as your setup.exe source folder.

This is the package I use

 name="Minitab 17 multi user" 
 <variable name="CPVERSION" value="17" />
 <variable name="VERSION" value="17.2.1" />
 <variable architecture="x86" name="PROGFILES" value="%PROGRAMFILES%" />
 <variable architecture="x64" name="PROGFILES" value="%PROGRAMFILES(X86)%" />
 <check type="uninstall" condition="versionequalto" path="Minitab %CPVERSION%" value="%VERSION%"/>
 <install cmd="%SOFTWARE%\minitab\minitab17\Setup.exe /config %SOFTWARE%\minitab\minitab17\config.xml"/>
 <install cmd='%comspec% /c copy /y %SOFTWARE%\minitab\minitab17\minitab.lic "%PROGFILES%\minitab\Minitab 17\"'/>
 <install cmd='%comspec% /c mkdir %PROGRAMDATA%\minitab'><exit code="1"/></install>
 <install cmd='%comspec% /c copy /y %SOFTWARE%\minitab\minitab17\MultiUserLicense.ini "%PROGRAMDATA%\minitab\"'/>
 <upgrade include="install" />
 <upgrade cmd='%comspec% /c copy /y %SOFTWARE%\minitab\minitab17\minitab.lic "%PROGFILES%\minitab\Minitab 17\"'/>
 <remove cmd='"%PROGFILES%\Common Files\Minitab Shared\Minitab 17\Setup\Setup.exe" /qn /x /p Minitab17 ' />
 <remove cmd='cmd /c rmdir /q /s "%PROGFILES%\Minitab\Minitab 17"' />

Take care of your syntax for the <remove> I forgot the /qn before the /x /p and there was a hidden prompt asking 'do you want to remove'. You must use the syntax as shown.