Nero Burning ROM

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This is a silent installer and uninstaller for Nero Burning ROM, a commercial CD/DVD burning tool. More infos from here.

<package id="nero" name="Nero Burning ROM (CD / DVD burner)" revision="1" priority="0" reboot="true">
 <check type="file" condition="exists" path="%PROGRAMFILES%\Ahead\Nero\nero.exe" />
 <check type="uninstall" condition="exists" path="Nero BurnRights (Ahead Software)" />
 <install cmd='msiexec /qb /l* c:\netinst\logs\nero.txt /i %SOFTWARE%\nero\express\isscript.msi' />
 <install cmd='msiexec /qb /l* c:\netinst\logs\nero.txt /i %SOFTWARE%\nero\express\nero.msi' />
 <install cmd='%SOFTWARE%\nero\br\setup.exe /silent /Burnrights:all' />
 <remove cmd="%WINDIR%\UNNeroBurnRights.exe /UNINSTALL /SILENT" />
 <remove cmd="MsiExec.exe /qb /l* c:\netinst\logs\nero.txt /x{A4D7B764-4140-11D4-88EB-0050DA3579C0}" />