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Netdom is a command-line tool that is built into Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2.

You can use netdom to:

  • join a computer that runs Windows XP Professional, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 to a Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2003, Windows 2000, or Windows NT 4.0 domain,
  • provide an option to specify the organizational unit (OU) for the computer account. Generate a random computer password for an initial Join operation.
  • manage computer accounts for domain member workstations and member servers. Management operations include:
    • add, Remove, Query.
    • an option to specify the OU for the computer account.
    • an option to move an existing computer account for a member workstation from one domain to another while maintaining the security descriptor on the computer account.

Netdom is included in the Windows Support Tools for Microsoft Windows XP, here is the way to manage by WPKG unattented script.

First download the The Windows XP Support Tools: [1].

Umpack it: C:\>WindowsXP-KB838079-SupportTools-ENU.exe /C /T:%SYSTEMROOT%\temp

Copy " suptools.msi" onto WPKG server software directory (at your choice).

Create the following package with your own software directory:

<package id="suptools" name="Support Tools for Windows XP SP2" revision="1" reboot="false" priority="800" >

        <check type="file" condition="exists" path="%PROGRAMFILES%\Support Tools\netdom.exe" />

        <install cmd='msiexec /qn /i %SOFTWARE%\WinAdmin\suptools\suptools.msi XPSUPTOOLS="%PROGRAMFILES%\Support Tools" /norestart'/>
        <upgrade cmd='msiexec /qn /i %SOFTWARE%\WinAdmin\suptools\suptools.msi XPSUPTOOLS="%PROGRAMFILES%\Support Tools" /norestart'/>

        <remove cmd='msiexec /qn /x {89B078C4-50B0-453E-BF53-3A7E6A0D85FA}' />