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WPKG 1.0-rc5 has been released.


Thanks to Rainer Meier.


WPKG 1.0-rc4 has been released.
WPKG Client 1.2-rc5 has been released.

  • Minor bugfixes.


WPKG 1.0-rc2 has been released.

  • Closed request 86 (Ability to postpone reboot to the end of the script execution).

Thanks to Rainer Meier for that.

WPKG Client 1.2-rc3 has been released.

  • Minor fixes found after releasing WPKG Client 1.2-rc1 and -rc2 (closed bugs: 60, 67, 84, 85).


WPKG Client 1.2-rc1 has been released.


  • Offline mode
  • Configuration check/validation
  • New reboot behaviour
  • WPKG service dependency on TCPIP and ADF services

See for more details.


WPKG 1.0-rc1 has been released.

This is a big improvement over all previous releases. See for a detailed changelog.
Big thanks to Rainer Meier for this release!


WPKG 0.9.12-test3 has been released.


  • don't require config.xml
  • fixed bug 75 (File version check does not work properly)


WPKG 0.9.12-test2 has been released.


  • minor fixes


WPKG 0.9.12-test1 has been released.



WPKG Client 1.0-rc2 has been released.

Changes from 1.0-rc1

  • fixed logon delay not working on Windows 2000
  • when exporting, we set the mode to silent (<silent><YES</silent>) automatically in settings.xml file


WPKG Client 1.0-rc1 has been released.


  • We changed the name to "WPKG Client". This name is more descriptive.
  • Rebooting should finally work.
    • Still, a change in wpkg.js is needed: wpkg.js needs to end with exit code 3010 - WPKG Client will reboot in that case.
    • We don't wan't to reboot indefinitely if system administrator made an error - WPKG Client will reboot the machine only five times in a row; if wpkg.js still ends with exit code 3010, we won't reboot for the sixth time. To reset the counter, wpkg.js needs to exit with exit code different than 3010.
  • WPKG Client should install and work with Vista (logon delay is not supported though).
  • WPKG service can be now disabled when everything is done (switch available in GUI).
  • Settings can be imported from GUI and from command line.
  • Added WPKG icons and logos - big thanks to Eric Le Henaff.
  • Event Log entries get a proper description (Error, Info etc.).
  • Some minor changes in the GUI.
  • Minor fixes and cleanups.

Upgrading instructions

If you're upgrading from an older version, you have to add SETTINGSFILE pointing to a proper settings.xml file. Future releases will be able to upgrade without settings.xml file (will use current settings). As always with rc- releases, take extra care before deploying it on important machines.

TODO before releasing WPKG Client 1.0 ("final")

  • Modify wpkg.js so that it exits with code 3010 when reboot is needed. Sample patches are of course welcome.
  • Right now, "Help..." button in WPKG Client doesn't display any useful info. This should be fixed before the final release. If you can, please help finishing this information - it's located on

WPKG Client can be downloaded from


WPKG 0.9.11-test1 has been released.


  • Default settings are now in a seperate file 'config.xml'
  • WPKG Can now directly pull the XML files from WPKG Web.