Personal Backup

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Personal Backup is software to backup files on a local disk, network share or FTP.

<package id="persbackup" name="Personal Backup" revision="%version%" priority="10">

    <variable name="version" value="" />

    <check architecture="x86" type="uninstall" condition='versionequalto' path='Personal Backup 5.7' value='%version%'/>
    <check architecture="x64" type="uninstall" condition='exists' path='Personal Backup %version%'/>
	<install architecture="x86" cmd="%SOFTWARE%\PersonalBackup\pb-setup-%version%.exe /verysilent /norun"/>
	<install architecture="x64" cmd="%SOFTWARE%\PersonalBackup\pb-setup-x64-%version%.exe /verysilent /norun"/>
    <downgrade include="install" />
    <upgrade include="install" />
    <remove cmd='%COMSPEC% /C if exist "%ProgramFiles%\Personal Backup 5\unins000.exe" "%ProgramFiles%\Personal Backup 5\unins000.exe" /silent' />
    <remove cmd='%COMSPEC% /C if exist "%ProgramFiles%\Personal Backup 5" rmdir /S /Q "%ProgramFiles%\Personal Backup 5"'/>

This Package was tested with Windows 7 x32 and x64.