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This is a WPKG package for RStudio, a IDE for the statistical programming language R. Latest OpenSource Version is available at

The Package is tested on Windows 7 SP1 and Windows 8.1 and should work on x64 as well as x86.

      name='RStudio Client' 
      reboot='false' >
        <variable name="version" value="0.98.1091" />
        <variable name="PKG_DESTINATION"    value="%ProgramFiles%\RStudio" />
        <check type='uninstall' condition="versiongreaterorequal" path='RStudio' value='%version%' />
	<depends package-id="R" />
	<install include="remove"/>
        <install cmd='%COMSPEC% /C start /wait "RStudio" "%SOFTWARE%\R\rstudio\RStudio-%version%.exe" /S /NCRC '/>        
        <upgrade include="install"/>
        <remove cmd='%COMSPEC% /c if exist "%PKG_DESTINATION%\uninstall.exe" "%PKG_DESTINATION%\uninstall.exe" /S _?=%PKG_DESTINATION%'/>
        <remove cmd='%COMSPEC% /C if exist "%PKG_DESTINATION%" rmdir /S /Q "%PKG_DESTINATION%"'/>