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WPKG has regular expression support for hosts defined in hosts.xml file.

You can view the exact syntax on these pages: [1]



Quick examples:

    <host name="b[0-9]+" profile-id="profile" />

works for: b1, b10, b100 does not work for: bubu, b, x, x1, x10, x100

    <host name=".+" profile-id="profile" />

works for *all* hosts - use with care (!), place at the bottom of hosts.xml

    <host name="b.+" profile-id="profile1" />

works for "b10", "b11", "b12345" etc.

    <host name="b.+" profile-id="profile2" />
    <host name="bronek1" profile-id="profile1" />
    <host name="bron.+" profile-id="profile3" />

Normally, hosts are parsed from top to the bottom, except when the hostname is not a regular expression. So host "bronek1" will match "profile1", even though it also matches "b.+" and "bron.+" (which are regular expressions).

Numeric ranges

Cool page for generating regex numeric ranges is here:


The behaviour of regular expressions changed slightly in WPKG 0.9.7.

Previously, a host name:

    <host name="pc" profile-id="profile2" />

would match all hosts that contain "pc" in the name.

Now it matches "pc", and only "pc".

To match "pc001", "pc002", "pcABC", you have to use "pc.+".

The change was introduced to ease the maintenance of hosts.