SAS license renewal

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Deploying a new SAS license file (SID file) silently is described at

You must change default SAS configuration file when running as SYSTEM user due to missing Documents folder of that user as described at

Create your own temporary sasv9.cfg file containing:

-config "C:\Programme\SASHome\SASFoundation\9.3\nls\de\sasv9.cfg"
-SASUSER        '%TEMP%\My SAS Files\9.3\'

and put it to your %SOFTWARE% folder.

The SID file name is in the format SAS93_order-number_site-number_host-platform.txt

You can deploy SID files by WPKG using this package:

  <package id="saslicense" name="SAS License file" reboot="false" priority="100" revision="%version%">
  <variable name="version" value="20130413" />
  <!-- Current date as version number, just update if a new license file should be applied --> 
  <variable name="sasversion" value="9.3" />
  <variable name="sas_sidfile_x86" value="SAS93_order-number_site-number_host-platform.txt" />
  <variable name="sas_sidfile_x64" value="SAS93_order-number_site-number_host-platform_X64.txt" />
  <variable name="jmp_sidfile_x86" value="JMP902_order-number_site-number_host-platform.txt" />
  <variable name="jmp_sidfile_x64" value="JMP902_order-number_site-number_host-platform_X64.txt" />
  <check type="file" condition="exists" path="%PROGRAMFILES%\SASHome\SASRenewalUtility\%sasversion%\%version%_%sas_sidfile_x86%" />
  <!-- Back up the old cfg and replace with a temporary one pointing to a fake user directory --> 
  <install cmd='%COMSPEC% /c copy /y "%PROGRAMFILES%\SASHome\SASFoundation\%sasversion%\sasv9.cfg" "%PROGRAMFILES%\SASHome\SASFoundation\%sasversion%\sasv9.cfg.bak"' >
    <exit code="any" />
  <install cmd='%COMSPEC% /c copy /y "%SOFTWARE%\sas\renewal\sasv9.cfg" "%PROGRAMFILES%\SASHome\SASFoundation\%sasversion%\sasv9.cfg"' >
    <exit code="any" />
  <install cmd='"%PROGRAMFILES%\SASHome\SASRenewalUtility\%sasversion%\SASRenew.exe" -s "datafile:%SOFTWARE%\sas\renewal\%sas_sidfile_x86%"' />
  <install cmd='"%PROGRAMFILES%\SASHome\SASRenewalUtility\%sasversion%\SASRenew.exe" -s "datafile:%SOFTWARE%\sas\renewal\%jmp_sidfile_x86%"' />
  <install cmd='%COMSPEC% /c copy /y %SOFTWARE%\sas\renewal\%sas_sidfile_x86% "%PROGRAMFILES%\SASHome\SASRenewalUtility\%sasversion%\%version%_%sas_sidfile_x86%"' />

  <!-- Restore original cfg --> 
  <install cmd='%COMSPEC% /c copy /y "%PROGRAMFILES%\SASHome\SASFoundation\%sasversion%\sasv9.cfg.bak" "%PROGRAMFILES%\SASHome\SASFoundation\%sasversion%\sasv9.cfg"' >
    <exit code="any" />

  <upgrade include="install" />
  <remove cmd="cmd /c echo off" >
    <exit code="any" />

Deployment of JMP SID files not tested, but it should work too.