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This is a silent installer for SaneTwain.

SaneTwain is a SANE to TWAIN bridge.

It can be installed locally on the workstation or it can be started directly from the server. If you want to start directly from the server, you only need to copy two files to your workstations: icon (ScanImage.lnk, pointing to ScanImage.exe network location) and sanetwain.ini, containing the settings:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


     name="scanimage settings"

 <install cmd='cmd /C copy "%SOFTWARE%\scanimage\sanetwain.ini" "%SYSTEMROOT%\" /Y' />
 <install cmd='cmd /C copy "%SOFTWARE%\scanimage\ScanImage.lnk" "%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Desktop\" /Y' />

 <upgrade cmd='cmd /C copy "%SOFTWARE%\scanimage\sanetwain.ini" "%SYSTEMROOT%\" /Y' />
 <upgrade cmd='cmd /C copy "%SOFTWARE%\scanimage\ScanImage.lnk" "%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Desktop\" /Y' />




  • download ZIP package from SaneTwain website and unpack it to a network location
  • start ScanImage.exe on one machine and prepare the settings accordingly (hostname, language settings, DPI etc.)
  • accept the settings, try if scanning works - if everything is OK, exit the program
  • copy sanetwain.ini from %SYSTEMROOT%\
  • create a shortcut (ScanImage.lnk) to ScanImage.exe network location
  • copy ScanImage.lnk and sanetwain.ini to %SOFTWARE%\scanimage\