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This is a silent installer for shark007 vista codec pack. The Vista Codec Package is compatible with Windows XP.

Shark007 Vista Pack

You can download exe installer at: Direct Download link

Exe installer is impossible to run unattended, butfrom shark007 form:

Silent install ... I always just run the installer...and let it extract its files....and then just leave the installer open, while I uncheck hidden files and folders....go to User Name\Local Settings\Temp .... find the .msi installer and copy it to desktop......and cancel the installer I left open.

Once extracted the .msi installer you can use in wpkg.

  name="vista Codec Package v.586"
  <check type="uninstall" condition="exists" path="Vista Codec Package"/>
  <install cmd="msiexec /qn /i "%SOFTWARE%\codecs\vista_codecs-v586.msi""/>
  <upgrade cmd="msiexec /qn /i "%SOFTWARE%\codecs\vista_codecs-v586.msi""/>
  <remove cmd="msiexec /qn /x{F9FD80CE-0448-4D4F-8BCD-77FC514C3F99}"/>