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WPKG roadmap

If you have new ideas - please discuss it on the mailing list first.

Fixing existing bugs or feature requests

Fix bugs listed in Bugzilla: Some of the bugs are ideas really, so please feel free to comment on them (or vote for them etc.).


Write a proper documentation manual. Right now, documentation is in tiny little bits (different functionalities described on different pages). It isn't necessarily bad - but it isn't very friendly to new users.

New documentation should be an A to Z WPKG manual, with chapters, subchapters etc.

WPKG Client

  • some more integration with wpkg.js: wpkg.js should be able to pass information to WPKG Client:
    • start selected installers with GUI (some installers break if not started with a GUI) - seems to be very complicated, and wpkg.js was already started in the background - not sure if anyone needs it - probably we don't need this one at all
  • some hardware have problems with WPKG Client starting too early, and network starting too late (hardware reports the network is ready to the system, where in fact it's not)


  • testing setting: providing "user" for a network path doesn't work; one needs to add DOMAIN\user or WORKGROUP\user. "Test" button will say that the settings are correct even when we don't specify DOMAIN\ or WORKGROUP\ though (probably, because that path is already mapped by Windows? need to check it)
  • make possible to prevent a reboot or shutdown (i.e., we have a package which installs for 1 hour; when user restarts or shutdown, it only logs him out, installation continues, description/progress window is shown, and machine only shutdowns/reboots when everything is done)
  • some packages need restart. However, when we restart, and users are logged in, it might interrupt them, documents would not be saved etc. Make a little tray applet, which will notify the users periodically that the reboot is needed (reboot "Now", "Later") - similar to the Windows update notification. Also, allow in the applet - "install now/later".
  • fix service disabled/manual

Do we need this?

  • restarting the service locally from within the wpkginst.exe (right now, it's possible with > 1.3.x, one just has to give a address, which is not very user friendly)


WPKG web interface

WPKG web interface currently needs a maintainer. If you're interested, please let us know both on wpkg-users@ and wpkg_web_users@ mailing lists.