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Kernel compilation doesn't work

Hi..i've followed the How-To but in the end it doesn't compile the right kernel... I configure the Kernel with the correct Parameters but everytime I start the make command from trunk directory, my .config file in 'trunk/build_dir/linux-brcm47xx/linux-' gets overwritten by the config file from the target directory, disabling my custom USB settings and the 'root=/dev/sda1 etc...' entries...what could i have missed?

another thing is the module_install part (INSTALL_MOD_PATH=/tmp/ make modules_install). It seems that the correct command would be 'INSTALL_MOD_PATH=/tmp/ make ARCH=mips modules_install' or else it tries to compile only the X86 modules and asks me about a complete X86 configuration.

Or am I doing something wrong here as well?

i continue trying... ;)


Kernel compilation

Hi, I have compiled newest kernel myself, but did not try to use it, cause i dont want to brick my device (im not sure if it will work) :) I have never attempted to build custom kernel before... My point is: Can someone build it for us or write some small tutorial for newest kernel so everyone can try to compile it? I dont use the old one here, cause i have broadcomm wifi and it probably wont work (as written somewhere on this site)

Thanx, gmo