Toltec Connector

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This is a silent installer and uninstaller for Toltec Connector, needed for Outlook users which want to work with a Kolab server. More infos from here.

Note that for an English version you will need to change the installer program name (from de to en).

    name="Toltec Connector 2.0.5"
    <check type="uninstall" condition="exists" path="Toltec Connector 2.0" />

    <install cmd='%SOFTWARE%\Toltec\toltec-2.0.5-de-classic.exe /verysilent' />

    <remove  cmd='"%PROGRAMFILES%\Toltec\uninst00.exe" /verysilent' />

You can also copy a key with such a command:

copy %SOFTWARE%\Toltec\toltec.key %programfiles%\Toltec\

If you would like to know, how to make your current Samba installation work with Kolab (i.e., Kolab and Samba will use the same usernames/passwords from the LDAP server), you can read the Samba and Kolab user management using LAM HOWTO.