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wpkgExpress on IIS

wpkgExpress does not run under IIS6 on Windows 2003 out-of-the-box. I spent half a day seraching the net and finding the right settings / software, hopefully my solution can help others.

wpkgExpress was developed using the CakePHP [1] framework which seems to be better integrated with Apache than with IIS. Especially if one wants to install the application in a virtual directory instead of as a whole site.

My setup has f:\wpkg as the main Windows share for WPKG. I downloaded and extracet all files for wpkgExpress in a subdirectory under this: f:\wpkg\wpkgExpress. This directory was added to IIS6 as a virtual directory in order to be accessible from but this did not work at all, CakePHP refused to send any pages.

Some pages on the net suggests to implement something that works like Apache's mod_rewrite on IIS as an ISAPI filter but I found out that this is unnecessary.

Instead I just had to tweak some setting in the .PHP files and now it works like a charm!

Tweaking CakePHP

In order to get CakePHP to run happily under a virtual directory under a website in IIS I had to make several adjustments.

The most important one was to make CakePHP not to use the mod_rewrite that IIS lacks. This made wpkgExpress accessible but it rendered without .CSS and images:

  • Edit wpkgExpress\config\core.php, uncomment the Configure::write('App.baseUrl', env('SCRIPT_NAME')) line.

CakePHP insisted on adding the subdirectoryname (\wpkgExpress\) to the URL which meant that no .CSS or .JPG / .PNG / .GIF files were found by the browser. I worked around this by commenting out one line where this directoryname is added to all URL's:

  • Edit wpkgExpress\cake\dispatcher.php, comment out the line containing "$this->webroot .= $dir . '/'" in the function baseUrl() declaration, it is found on line 382 in the file.

Once this was working I turned on CakePHP debugging and noticed that it was not able to load some includefiles even though the path reference was OK. It turns out that CakePHP modifies PHP's "include_path" setting in PHP.INI which collides with the relativepath reference that some files have added to their include_once() directive. Remove the "..\" preceding the filename in the following files, the include_once() directive is found at the beginning of these files:

  • wpkgExpress\controllers\variables_controller.php
  • wpkgExpress\controllers\profiles_controller.php
  • wpkgExpress\controllers\packages_controller.php
  • wpkgExpress\controllers\hosts_controller.php
  • wpkgExpress\controllers\admin_controller.php
  • wpkgExpress\models\variable.php
  • wpkgExpress\models\profile.php
  • wpkgExpress\models\exit_code.php
  • wpkgExpress\models\package.php

After these modifications wpkgExpress started up nicely and is now up and running.