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Is it possible to delete a file, and copy a file using WPKG via Command line

I have a package under Program Files and what I want to do is delete the existing .exe and just replace it with the file coming from a shared folder in a network

I tried to use this code but it was not working

<remove cmd='del "C:\Program Files\package\package.exe" /S' <install cmd='XCOPY "\\IP Address\shared\WPKG\installer\package.exe" "C:\Program Files\package" /S'

package and ip address are just a sample, means any ip and program I would like to use

I also tried to test using batch file but it also does not work

<remove cmd='\\IP Address\shared\program-delete.bat /S' <install cmd='\\IP Address\shared\program-update.bat /S'

program-delete.bat code del "C:\Program Files\package\package.exe"

program-update.bat code XCOPY "\\ip address\shared\WPKG\installer\package.exe" "C:\Program Files\package"