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VirtualPC 2007

This is a silent installer for Virtual PC 2007. Follow the instructions first. For more infos see here.

<package id="vpc2007" name="virtual pc 2007" revision="1" reboot="false" priority="10">
        <check type="uninstall" condition="exists" path="Microsoft Virtual PC 2007" />
        <install cmd='"%SOFTWARE%\vpc2007\msxml6-KB927977-enu-x86.exe" /quiet'/>
        <install cmd='msiexec /q /i "%SOFTWARE%\vpc2007\Virtual_PC_2007_Install.msi" allusers=2'/>
        <upgrade cmd='msiexec /q /i "%SOFTWARE%\vpc2007\Virtual_PC_2007_Install.msi" allusers=2'/>
        <remove cmd='MsiExec.exe /q /x{8A7CAA24-7B23-410B-A7C3-F994B0944160}' />

Windows Virtual PC

Windows Virtual PC is a free add-on to Windows 7. See KB958559 for information and a download link. For Windows 8, it's been replaced with Hyper-V.

   name="Microsoft Virtual PC"

    <variable name="VPC_VERSION"    value="6.1.7601.17514" />
    <variable name="PKG_SOURCE"         value="%SOFTWARE%\virtualpc\Windows6.1-KB958559-x86-RefreshPkg.msu" architecture="x86"/>
    <variable name="PKG_SOURCE"         value="%SOFTWARE%\virtualpc\Windows6.1-KB958559-x64-RefreshPkg.msu" architecture="x64"/>

    <check type="file" condition="versiongreaterorequal" path="%WINDIR%\system32\vpc.exe" value="%VPC_VERSION%" />

    <!-- Warning: the KB977632 hotfix is needed if for some reason you're
         installing this on Windows 7 without SP1. You probably shouldn't be
         running non-SP1 Windows 7 anyway. -->

    <install cmd="wusa &quot;%PKG_SOURCE%&quot; /quiet /norestart" >
      <exit code="0" />
      <exit code="3010" /> <!-- add reboot="postponed" to force a reboot; otherwise, Windows will ask the user -->
      <exit code="-2145124329" /> <!-- already installed -->

    <upgrade include="install" />

    <remove cmd="wusa /uninstall /kb:958559 /quiet /norestart" >
      <exit code="any" />