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Installer command line options

  • /M Runs the installation in manual mode, prompting for system directories (examples: Windows, System).
  • /M=filename Specifies a value file for installation.
  • /S Installs in silent (automatic) mode with no end user choices.

Uninstaller command line options

  • /Z Removes empty directories, including the one containing Unwise.
  • /A Automatic mode. The Wise splash screen appears on the destination computer, and the uninstall proceeds immediately with no end user choices, except for questions about uninstalling shared files.
  • /S Silent mode. The uninstall proceeds silently with no splash screen, no dialogs, and no end user choices.
  • /R Rollback mode.
  • /U Removes the Select Uninstall Method dialog, which means the end user does not see options for a custom, automatic, or repair uninstall.

The uninstaller is named unwise.exe and can be found in the directory of the installed application. Please note that you must send the path to the installation log file as a parameter when you use command line options for the uninstall program. It must be the log file that is in the same folder as unwise.exe. It should be surrounded by quotation marks just in case if the path to the log file contains spaces.

For instance "%PROGRAMFILES%\Application\UNWISE.EXE" /S "%PROGRAMFILES%\Application\INSTALL.LOG"