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WPKG-GP hooks into the Group Policy Extensions (GPE) interface available in Windows (the one saying "Applying Group Policies" at boot up), and executing wpkg.js, providing some feedback to the user via the interfaces made available by GPE. This gets around the issue in Windows Vista/7, where delayed login is unavailable owing to the way Windows Vista's security architecture is structured.


Deploy WPKG-GP with WPKG

This example installs version 0.16, with a configuration defined through a wpkg-GP.ini file. Unless you already have WPKG Client installed, you will have to initially deploy WPKG-GP somehow, such as manually.

<package id="wpkg-gp" name="Wpkg-GP" revision="%version%">

    <variable name="VERSION" value="0.16" />

    <variable name="ARCHITECTURE" value="x86" architecture="x86" />
    <variable name="ARCHITECTURE" value="x64" architecture="x64" />

    <check type="uninstall" condition="versiongreaterorequal" path="Wpkg-GP %version% .*" value="%version%"/>

    <!-- Install WPKG-GP -->
    <!-- wpkg-gp.ini contains settings such as location of wpkg.js, username/password to connect as, and the %SOFTWARE% environment variable -->
    <install cmd="%SOFTWARE%\wpkg-gp\Wpkg-GP-%VERSION%_%ARCHITECTURE%.exe /S /INI %SOFTWARE%\wpkg-gp\Wpkg-GP.ini">
        <exit code="3010" reboot="delayed" />

    <upgrade include="install" />

	cmd='"%PROGFILES%\WPKG-GP\uninstall.exe" /S' />


Replace WPKG Client with WPKG-GP

If you already have WPKG Client installed, you can add the following, to the package above, to replace WPKG Client with WPKG-GP:

    <!-- Uninstall WPKG Client -->
    <install cmd='msiexec /x "%SOFTWARE%\wpkg\WPKG Client 1.3.14-%ARCHITECTURE%.msi" /qn /norestart' />

WPKG-GP Configuration File

WPKG-GP's configuration is saved in %PROGRAMFILES%\WPKG-GP\Wpkg-gp.ini. WPKG-GP configuration can be updated by copying a new version of this file to that location, enabling its configuration to be updated without reinstalling he program. wpkg-gp.ini contains the location of wpkg.js, the username/password to connect, and the %SOFTWARE% and %WPKGROOT% environment variables.

WPKG Package For WPKG-GP Configuration File

This checks to see if the configuration file in %SOFTWARE%\wpkg-gp\ differs to that currently deployed in the Program Files directory.

This assumes you're using either the 64-bit version of WPKG-GP on a 64-bit Windows, or the 32-bit version of WPKG-GP on a 32-bit version of Windows, and not a 32-bit version of WPKG-GP on a 64-bit version of Windows.

	name="WPKG-GP Configuration"


	<install cmd='%COMSPEC% /c copy /Y "%SOFTWARE%\wpkg-gp\Wpkg-gp.ini" "%PROGRAMFILES%\WPKG-GP\Wpkg-gp.ini" '/>

	<upgrade include="install" />

	<!-- Should there be a remove line? If we leave it without a config file then it won't function, if we do nothing then it will never be removed as the config file check remains positive. -->
	<remove />

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