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Active development of a WPKG frontend, wpkgExpress can be found at http://code.google.com/p/wpkgexpress

This interface is now fully functional since version r10

Update from 04.11.2011: The development of wpkgExpress is on hold indefinitely

Modern UI Webinterface: https://github.com/anklimsk/wpkg-express-2

WpkgExpress-NG is a wpkgExpress fork with bug fixes and improvements: http://forge.probesys.com/projects/wpkg-express-ng

All WPKG packages, hosts and profiles are defined in XML files, and can be manipulated using a web interface.

You can see the demo of WPKG Web Interface and download it at http://wpkg.linuxkidd.com/.

Here you can find some hints to import multiple packages/profiles

WPKG_web is still working, but development is now abandoned