WindowsXP SP2 Updates

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This is a silent installer for WindowsXP SP2 Updates. It will take care of all dependencies - you won't have to add all these packages to the profile.

<package id="winxpsp2updates0" name="WindowsXP SP2 Updates" revision="1" priority="9"

depends="kb898461xp, kb873374xp, kb886185xp, kb890175xp, kb890830xp, kb888302xp, kb887472xp, kb885250xp, kb873333xp, kb891781xp, 
kb888113xp, kb893066xp, kb890859xp, kb893086xp, kb890923xp, kb901214xp, kb899588xp, kb893756xp, kb896423xp, kb896424xp, kb896688xp, 
kb885836xp, kb873339xp, kb885835xp, kb887742xp, kb896428, kb890046, kb896422xp, kb896358xp, kb899591xp, kb899587xp, kb899589xp, 
kb900725xp, kb901017xp, kb902400xp, kb904706xp, kb905414xp, kb905749xp, kb894391xp, dotnet11, dotnet11sp1, kb886903xp, 
journalviewer, highmat, wmp10, wsh8825, wmp10updates">