Windows 2000 SP4 Updates

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This is a silent installer for Windows 2000 SP4 Updates. It will take care of all dependencies - you won't have to add all these packages to the profile.

<package id="win2ksp4updates" name="Windows 2000 SP4 Updates" revision="1" priority="9"

depends="win2ksp4updates, rootcertsupdate, kb8918612k, mdac28, kb8324832k, kb8706692k, kb8334072k, kb8733742k, kb8427732k, 
kb8943202k, kb9012142k, kb9032352k, kb8964232k, kb8995872k, kb8937562k, kb8966882k, kb8995882k, kb8180432k, kb8208882k, kb8228312k,
dotnet112k, dotnet11sp12k, kb8869032k, dx92k, wm52k, wmp92k, kb8196392k, kb8280262k, journalview2k, kb8861792k, kb8854922k, 
kb8900462k, kb8964222k, kb8963582k, kb8995892k, kb9007252k, kb9010172k, kb9024002k, kb9047062k, kb9054142k, kb9057492k, kb8964242k,