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wpkg-tools is command line tool to interact with WPKG clients from debian, it is written in perl.

The project can be found on github, feel free to come contribute with issues or code https://github.com/Link2Twenty/wpkg-tools

Getting Started

In order to get this running, you will need to download wpkg-tools and wpkg-variables.pl and place them in /usr/local/sbin/ with the permissions 700.

You will need to edit wpkg-variables.pl to be correct for your own site.


wpkg-tools presumes several things:

  • You are using a debian based operating system
  • You have your WPKG reports stored somewhere accessible
  • You have wpkgreports.awk added
  • You have samba-common installed
  • You have perl installed

There are also several perl components used:


Downloading scripts:

It's best to run these commands with sudo or as root

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Link2Twenty/wpkg-tools/master/wpkg-tools -P /usr/local/sbin/
wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Link2Twenty/wpkg-tools/master/wpkg-variables.pl -P /usr/local/sbin/

chmod 700 /usr/local/sbin/wpkg-tools
chmod 700 /usr/local/sbin/wpkg-variables.pl

You will have to edit the two variables in /usr/local/sbin/wpkg-variables.pl, using your prefered editor

our $user = "username%password";
our $wpkg_reports = "/location/of/wpkgreports";

Installing prerequisites:

apt install samba-common
apt install perl perl-doc
apt install libterm-readkey-perl
apt install libnet-ping-external-perl
apt install libswitch-perl


This should be as simple as running the update script

server:~# wpkg-tools --update
wpkg-tools is already on the latest version (v0.1.2)
server:~# wpkg-tools --version
server:~# wpkg-tools --update
wpkg-tools will be updated to version v0.1.3
server:~# wpkg-tools --version


Usage: wpkg-tools [OPTION...]
-u, --username       Set a non-default username (password required)
-p, --password       Set a non-default password (string)
-P, --prompt         Set a non-default password (prompt)
-m, --machine        Only run command for one specific computer
-r, --report         Display latest wpkg report
-s, --status         Display current status of WPKG service
-v, --version        Display version of wpkg-tools
--update             Update to latest release of wpkg-tools
-h, -?, --help       Display help screen