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wpkg.js is the most important file of WPKG and can be seen as its internal engine.

It has to be executed with cscript.exe (a command-line version of the Windows Script Host) or wscript.exe (a windows-based script host; not recommended) like below:

cscript \\path\to\wpkg.js [flags]

For example:

cscript \\path\to\wpkg.js /synchronize /quiet

would synchronize all packages (install, uninstall or upgrade packages if there is such a need).

It assumes that hosts.xml, packages.xml and profiles.xml configuration files exist in the same directory as wpkg.js (in our example, it would be \\path\to\).

Windows Script Host can be downloaded from Microsoft. Windows XP and Windows 2003 have the suitable version 5.6 included by default; the version included with Windows 2000 is too old and so requires you to download a more recent version.

See also

  • wpkg.xml - a client side, WPKG "database" (created automatically).