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wpkg.xml is the local settings file - it is stored on a workstation locally, by default in the %SystemRoot%\system32 directory (typically, C:\Windows\system32 on Windows XP and above).

It's kind of a database of packages installed on a workstation locally.

It contains XML definitions of packages installed locally. These definitions are "imported" from the packages.xml file (or, separate XML files for installers kept in packages directory.

It is used by wpkg.js for two reasons:

  • skip checks for packages that are already installed
  • skip repeated installation for the packages without any checks defined - see Execute once / always

Normally, you shouldn't edit wpkg.xml file.

If wpkg.xml is removed, it will be recreated next time wpkg.js is started (but installers for packages without any checks defined will be started again).

Some administrators prefer to copy this file to a central server to see the software deployed on workstations by WPKG - see Viewing software installed on workstations.