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WPKG can add great value to your Samba or Active Directory setup, as it allows you to perform software installation, updates, removal etc. on your workstations.

It is also possible to execute custom scripts on your workstations, like synchronizing time, setting printers, changing permissions or adding registry entries (basically, some of the things you would do with Active Directory and Group Policy / GPO).

This is a list that summarizes what WPKG can do for you:

  • fully automated software deployment solution for Windows
  • deploy software in any format - MSI, EXE, etc.
  • deploy software to different groups of computers or single workstations
  • easily install, upgrade or remove software
  • a "pull" psexec equivalent
  • run custom scripts to set printers, synchronize time, manipulate permissions, add registry entries, change Windows settings etc.
  • management/administration of end-user workstations
  • WPKG works in a domain, in a workgroup, or even over the Internet or VPN (no domain controller needed)
  • WPKG works with Linux (Samba), Windows servers, or any other systems supporting Windows Network Neighborhood
  • WPKG works with Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2003, 2000, ME and 9x clients. (The latter two with selected functions only)
  • extremely small footprint on the client
  • extremely small footprint on the server
  • keep inventory of software installed on your Windows workstations
  • intuitive web interface

WPKG is open source, it uses GNU General Public License (GPL).