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Basic introduction

WPKG Quick Install

Quick introduction

How WPKG works


FAQ ( WPKG-FAQ (and not the "The MediaWiki FAQ can be found at: ...."- Message )

WPKG Client

WPKG-GP - alternative WPKG client using Group Policy Extensions

WPKG-GP-CLIENT - WPKG-GP fork and a python/wxpython client

Configuration files

These files tell WPKG how to run and are (in most cases) required for WPKG to run properly:

config.xml Configuration settings for runtime behavior of wpkg.js
hosts.xml (and all files in the \hosts folder Mappings between machine names and profile names
packages.xml (and all files in the \packages folder) Defines software packages (commands for WPKG to install/uninstall programs, etc.)
profiles.xml (and all files in the \profiles folder) Specifies which packages will be installed/executed for each WPKG profile
settings.xml Settings file used by the WPKG Client.
wpkg.xml List of installed packages and commands (stored locally on each workstation)

For more information about config files, please see: Config files

Server-side files

wpkg.js The core of the WPKG utility
Additional scripts and executables in the \tools folder Helper files

Client-side files

These files are 'optional' for the program to run but are installed by the WPKG_Client software as of v1.1.2 to support a more user-friendly experience for end-users:

machines.txt This contains the list of machines configured on the Tools tab of wpkginst.exe
wpkginst.exe GUI configuration tool
wpkglogon.dll Helper library for Logon
WPKGMessage.exe Displays the 'Please wait..'-style message to the user while WPKG runs
WPKGSrv.exe The Windows Service file that will trigger the actual script to run

More technical stuff



Extended host attribute matching

Regular expression support

WPKG with Wine

WPKG with Active Directory

Push Install WPKG with Psexec

Using Robocopy in WPKG

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