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Below is a list of silent install, upgrade and uninstall configurations for many programs. If you have your own, please share them with us by posting them here as new pages and linking them to this category. (Click here for help)

Windows environment variables

Please use Windows environment variables (e.g. %PROGRAMFILES%) in your commands rather than absolute paths (e.g. C:\Program Files or C:\Programme) because they work independently of the language version of Windows and of the particular location on a system, which can vary.

Similarly, please also use %SOFTWARE% to specify the WPKG package installation directory on the server. Silent installer scripts will then work for everyone's setup, rather than only those whose directory structure matches your own. You define this in WPKG Client, or in a batch script starting wpkg.js, if you don't use WPKG Client - see installation instructions - advanced.

Silent installers for Windows Hotfixes

Silent installers for Windows Hotfixes (KB*) are listed here.

Changing Windows settings with WPKG

You can also change Windows settings with WPKG.

Identify client form factor for targeted installs

If you need to target your application installs to notebooks or desktops (for example) then you can identify the client form factor

Other lists of silent installer resources

See other lists of silent installer resources.

Creating silent installers

If the package you need to deploy isn't listed here and you can't find a silent installer elsewhere, you might need to create a new silent installer.

If you create a silent installer, please support this resource and its users - come back here and write up a packages.xml entry. Thank you.


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